Cloud Soaring Flood Dragon

The Cloud Soaring Flood Dragons, also known as trains, are a method of transportation in Tai Sui by Priest. Like much of the other technology in Great Wan, they are powered by steam engines built with Moon Plated Gold.


Cloud Soaring Flood Dragons are steam trains, and like most other steam engines in the Taiming era, they are built with Moon Plated Gold.1


Maze Station

Thirty li (~ten miles) west of Jinping, there is a major transport hub called Maze Station. Cloud Soaring Flood Dragons depart from here twice per day. The morning train is laden with goods, and the night train transports people.

Maze Station was built only two years before the the start of the novel, in Taiming 26, but by this time, it has already become a keystone of Jinping's infrastructure.1



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