Tai Sui (Web Novel)

Tai Sui (太岁) is a Chinese web novel written by Priest. It was serialized from February 9, 20213 to February 14 20221 on the Chinese web novel platform JJWXC. It has not been adapted into any other media or oficially translated any other languages, but it has received a print publication in its original Chinese.1 It also has a complete fan translation into English by E. Danglars.

Tai Sui is a steampunk Xianxia cultivation novel. It tells the story of Xi Ping—an obnoxious, trouble-making rich boy who is forced to become a cultivator after being dragged into a secret scheme to resurrect the "evil god" Tai Sui. The novel follows his path from mortal to immortal and back again, eventually spanning the entire vast continent he inhabits.

Official Synopsis

If I had a choice, I would only want to be a little insect in the mundane dust, born in confusion, dying in mediocrity, never seeing the light of day beneath the fog of Jinping City.

Better than taking this wrong road to heaven.2


Tai Sui is the story of how Xi Ping, a wealthy young wastrel with no interest in cultivation, rewrites the cultivation world.


Tai Sui has 254 chapters: 247 main chapters and 7 extras. The main chapters are organized into five "books," and each of these books is further broken into titled story arcs.

For a full list of chapters, see Tai Sui (Web Novel) Chapters.


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