Xi Ping

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English Given Name Chinese Given Name
Xi Ping 奚平 (Xī píng)
English Courtesy Name Chinese Courtesy Name
Xi Shiyongx 奚士庸 (Xī Shìyōng)
English Title Chinese Title
The Viscount of Yongning1 永宁侯世子 (Yǒngníng Hóu Shìzi)
English Alias Chinese Alias
xx x (x)
Birth Death
x x
Gender Country
Male Wan1
Sect x
Cultivation Level x
Spiritual Sense x
Father Xi Zhengde1
Paternal Aunt Xi Ziyi1
Paternal Cousin Zhou Ying1
Taiming 28 Jinping1
Taiming 28 x

Xi Ping, courtesy name Xi Shiyong, is the protagonist of Tai Sui by Priest. He was the Viscount of Yongning, a minor member of Wan's nobility.


Xi Ping was tall and broad-shouldered. His voice was relatively deep.1


Xi Ping was endlessly playful and confident, an outrageous trouble-maker from a young age. He stood out as foremost among the countless young wastrels of Jinping's upper class, pulling wild stunts such as dressing up as a courtesan to play the qin in the Flower Viewing Festival.1


Jiangli's Musician

After the courtesan Jiangli's usual musician injured her hand before the Flower Viewing Festival, Xi Ping stepped in to accompany her on the qin. He concealed his identity by dressing as another courtesan.1

Xi Ping performed wearing a full face of thick, fashionable white paste makeup and a sheer veil that covered the bottom half of his face. He wore women's clothing, including embroidered shoes and a dress. The dress was cut to show his collarbones, with flowing green sleeves and a narrow skirt. None of it fit him well. He strained the seams on his feet and shoulders, and when he smiled through the veil, stains of messily applied red lip rouge were visible on his teeth.1


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In order of appearance. * indicates a chapter in which he is discussed or depicted but does not appear physically.



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