Xi Zhengde

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English Courtesy Name Chinese Courtesy Name
Xi Zhengdex 奚正德 (Xī Zhèngdé)
English Title Chinese Title
The Marquis of Yongning 永宁侯 (Yǒngníng Hóu)
Birth Death
x x
Gender Country
Male Wan1
Cultivation Level
Sect x
Cultivation Level x
Spiritual Sense x
Son Xi Ping
Younger Sister Xi Ziyi
Nephew Zhou Ying
Youth Jinping1
Taiming 28 Jinping1
Taiming 28 Marquis1

Xi Zhengde, generally referred to by his title The Marquis of Yongning, was a minor character in Tai Sui by Priest. He was the father of the protagonist, Xi Ping.


Xi Zhengde was an attractive man, called "the handsomest man in Jinping" in his youth. He was likely somewhat tall, as he naturally met Xi Ping's eye when they stood face-to-face.1


Through his adulthood, Xi Zhengde held a somewhat high opinion of himself, favorably comparing his own looks to those of the great beauties competing at the Flower Viewing Festival. He also held a high opinion of the arts and was not easily impressed by what he saw as inferior artistry.1

He held himself to some degree of decorum, following social rules. He was willing to attend events just to fulfill social obligations, and he avoided too much disturbance of those nobles and royals who outranked him. He also seemed to buy in somewhat to Jinping's rampant classism and sexism, albeit in a polite, restrained way. He avoided looking prostitutes in the face.1

In dealing with Xi Ping, Xi Zhengde was easily enraged by his son's antics, sometimes angered to the point of struggling to speak.1.


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Xi Zhengde suffered chronic chest pains through his adulthood.1


In order of appearance. * indicates a chapter in which he is discussed or depicted but does not appear physically.



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