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Xi Zhengde

Xi Zhengde was Xi Ping's father. As a young adult, Xi Ping retained some fear of being caught by his father while mischief-making. He froze in alarm then immediately fled when he encountered Xi Zhengde while dressed as a courtesan at the Flower Viewing Festival.1

Xi Zhengde once called Xi Ping a "fiend."1

Chen Baishao

Xi Ping was Chen Baishao's musician at the Flower Viewing Festival.1

Wang Baochang

As a young adult, Xi Ping considered Wang Baochang his enemy. Like Xi Ping, Wang Baochang spent much of his time in brothels. He liked to show off when he drank, which often led to him mistreating the girls that looked after him there. Xi Ping encountered him often at these times, and they clashed whenever they met. Xi Ping considered Wang Baochang stupid and boorish.1

Xi Ping called Wang Baochang by the nickname "Big Dog Wang," a reference to his poor behavior.1

Zhou Ying

Zhou Ying was Xi Ping's cousin—the son of Xi Ping's father's younger sister. They were very close, and they were study companions for some years during Xi Ping's childhood. Xi Ping did not stand on ceremony with Zhou Ying, despite his cousin's status as prince, and would go running to Prince Zhuang Manor whenever he got into trouble.1


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