Wang Baochang

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English Given Name Chinese Given Name
Wang Baochang 王保常 (Wáng Bǎocháng)
English Courtesy Name Chinese Courtesy Name
xx x (x)
English Nickname Chinese Nickname
Big Dog Wang1 王大狗 (Wáng Dàgǒu)
Birth Death
x x
Gender Country
Male Wan1
Sect x
Cultivation Level x
Spiritual Sense x
Father Wan's Vice-Minister of War1
Mother Unnamed1
Taiming 28 Jinping1
Taiming 28 Imperial Guard1

Wang Baochang is a minor character in Tai Sui by Priest. He was the first victim of the "underworld marriage" plot.


Wang Baochang was large and possibly overweight, described as having a "valiant" figure.1

When his corpse was found at the mouth of an alley by the servants of The Marquis of Yongning, his face was terribly pale, his body already stiff with rigor mortis. There was a livid corpse spot on the back of his neck.1


Wang Baochang was egotistical, brash, and violent. He was a poor student, but he considered himself highly talented and important. He spent his time going to brothels to show off and boast while he drank, and it took him very little to get drunk. He shouted at and berated the girls around him once intoxicated, and this behavior often escalated to violence. The women of the local brothels feared him because of this, calling him a dog, and he quarreled often with Xi Shiyong.1


Xi Ping

Wang Baochang and Xi Ping couldn't stand each other and often quarreled.1

Xi Ping mentally called Wang Baochang the nickname Big Dog Wang.1


Wang Baochang was a poor student. He failed the military examination, forcing his parents to buy him a position in the imperial guard.1


In order of appearance. * indicates a chapter in which he is discussed or depicted but does not appear physically.



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