The Xuanyin Sect

The Xuanyin Sect is a cultivation sect in Priest's Tai Sui. It is the state sect of the nation of Wan, based in the Xuanyin Mountains.


As the state sect, Xuanyin is the only legitimate immortal sect in Wan. It is one of the four great sects of its day.1


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Cultivation Methods

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The Grand Selection

Xuanyin inducts new disciples every ten years, a tradition referred to as the Grand Selection.1

Every selection year, the sect's leaders choose an auspicious date for the selection and send an immortal envoy to Jinping to make the choice. Only the children of nobility are eligible for consideration. However, although common people cannot be selected themselves, selection years are celebrated all across Wan, especially in Jinping. Everyone from imperial examiners to houses of pleasure holds festivals and selections of their own, creating jobs and spreading the joyful bustle amongst all.1

During the lead-up to the selection, it is common for potential disciples to travel to Jinping. There, they can burn insense and pray or attempt to further cultivate their bodies and minds, all in the hopes of earning themselves a place on the path to immortality.1

For further detail, see The Grand Selection.



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It is believed that when an immortal envoy comes down from the mountains, as in the Grand Selection, the year will hold favorable weather and bountiful harvests.1



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