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Starting with the advent of immortal master Lin Chi's Gold Imitation Technique, Southern Wan began rapidly industrializing. This Gold Imitation Technique created Moon Plated Gold, which was a special substance that facilitated the construction of countless new steam-powered machines.1

Midnight Song

In late spring of the twenty-eighth year of Taiming, during the celebration of the Grand Selection in Jinping, the famed courtesan Jiangli won the Camelia Crown at the House of Overflowing Splendor's Flower Viewing Festival. This victory was assisted by Xi Ping, who secretly acted as her accompanist, and their performance was attended by his father, the Marquis of Yongning. After Jiangli was crowned, the Marquis recognized his son through his courtesan disguise, and Xi Ping was chased out of the brothel and across Jinping by his father's servants.1

While fleeing his father, Xi Ping encountered and bypassed a seemingly stupefied Wang Baochang near an alley.1


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